Anti-Virus programs should not be a problem anymore. Scripts by Design is now certified by a "Software Signing Certificate", which means any pop-ups showing Scripts by Design cannot be verified or as an unrecognizable program should not occur. If you find your agency download is still receiving the warning, please contact

If you need any assistance, please contact your Agency Point Person for help. If extra assistance is needed, the agency point person should email
No individual agents please - It is necessary for the Agency Point Person to contact Bill Shelley as he cannot individually support the thousands of agents using Scripts by Design

FOR Windows/PC's:

Please follow the download and installation instructions below. It is recommended that you download the latest manual as well, which is the first link on this webpage.

  • To download your updated Scripts by Design, please double click your file listed here by agency name. 
  • A screen will appear with a Folder Name across the top.
  • Below that will be the name of your scripts - e.g. MarySmithTravel_31Dec21.exe. 
  • Click on the DOWNLOAD & VIEW button which is actually a hyperlink.
  • Look down on the bottom left corner (or sometimes upper right)  of your computer where you will see the file name again with an Up Arrow next to it. 
  • When you click on the Up Arrow, then click on Open or Open When Done.
  • ​Click YES to Allow this app to make changes to your device..
  • The installation file will then run as it always has. Follow the prompts by clicking on Next.
  • Be sure not to change the default path from c:\sabre\apps\scribe\compiled unless your network administrator tells you to.
  • ​Click the Next button.
  • If you get a pop-up stating the the folder already exists, go ahead and click YES to install to that folder anyway.
  • ​Click INSTALL
  • ​Go back to Sabre and open and run your Sabre scripts as usual. 
  • If this is a NEW INSTALL, you will need to create your two csv files and distribute to your agents so your new scripts can access them for your vendor codes and travel types. There is a link on your !!SCRIPT main menu to assist you in building two csv files.

FOR Mac/IPad Users:

  • Contact Scripts by Design for a WinZip file if one is not present already in your agency link. It will be labeled as if one is there.
  • Once you have that file, then Unzip to Home\sabre\apps\scribe\compiled

Installation needs to be done on every Sabre workstation for both Windows and Mac users.