We Can:

  • Read from the Sabre screen and prepopulate the boxes for agent verification
  • Offer drop down menus that are hard-coded
    or that  read from a .csv file stored on the agent's computer or your network

  • Offer check boxes
  • Offer bold, italicized and colored fonts.  
  • Read and Write from/to Text Files
  • Read and Write From/To .csv files
  • Write to an Email

Just let us know what you have in mind

We'll create a cutting edge script for you!

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Script Samples

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Trams Generic Script Package:

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Scripts by Design does the rest!

With your "customized" accounting preferences 

Scripts by Design 
offers accurate interface to Trams
each and every time!

Custom Scripts:

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Add a Cruise GK Segment

Add a SEA Accounting Line

Example of Cruise Script Entry in Sabre

Cruise Script Example: