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Anti-Virus programs should not be a problem anymore. Scripts by Design is now certified by a "Software Signing Certificate", which means any pop-ups showing Scripts by Design cannot be verified or as an unrecognizable program should not occur. If you find your agency download is still receiving the warning, please contact Jackie@ScriptsbyDesign.com.

If you need any assistance, please contact your Agency Point Person for help. If extra assistance is needed, the agency point person should email Jackie@ScriptsbyDesign.com.  No individual agents please - It is necessary for the Agency Point Person to contact Jackie McMahon as she cannot individually support the thousands of agents using Scripts by Design.


FOR Windows/PC's:
Please follow the download and installation instructions below. It is recommended that you download the latest manual as well, which is the first link on this webpage.

  • To download your updated Scripts by Design, please double click your file listed here by agency name. 
  • A screen will appear with a Folder Name across the top.
  • Below that will be the name of your scripts - e.g. MarySmithTravel_31Dec21.exe. 
  • Click on the .exe name which is actually a hyperlink.
  • Look down on the bottom left corner of your computer. The file name again with an Up Arrow next to it. 
  • When you click on the Up Arrow, then click on Open or Open When Done.
  • ​Click YES to Allow this app to make changes to your device..
  • The installation file will then run as it always has. Follow the prompts by clicking on Next.
  • Be sure not to change the default path from c:\sabre\apps\scribe\compiled unless your network administrator tells you to.
  • ​Click the Next button.
  • If you get a pop-up stating the the folder already exists, go and and click YES to install to that folder anyway.
  • ​Click INSTALL
  • ​Go back to Sabre and open and run your Sabre scripts as usual. 

FOR Mac/IPad Users:cripts bt be downloaded the normal way from the links bel

  • Contact Scripts by Design for a WinZip file if one is not present already in your agency link. It will be labeled as xxxxxxxx.zip if one is there.

  • Once you have that file, then Unzip to Home\sabre\apps\scribe\compiled​ 

Installation needs to be done on every Sabre workstation for both Windows and Mac users.