If you are still having issues, please send us an EMAIL  below.
Please give a complete and thorough description of the error you are receiving.
​Including a screen shot of the error can be very helpful as well.

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​If you are receiving errors while trying to access Scripts by Design, please try the following to rectify the error.


1. Be sure someone is signed in to SABRE. This is the number one reason Scripts by Design will give an access error!!!! 

2. Try rebooting your computer. This will reset the software, and helps in many cases.

3. Be sure you are accessing the scripts through the Main Menu. You need to click on !!Script.ssc, and not the individual scripts.

4. Check the system date on your computer. Hold your mouse button over the time on the bottom right corner of your computer (The system time, not the Sabre time). Right click and go to "Adjust Date and Time". It should show today's correct date and time. If it doesn't, please reset to the correct date and time. This is very important.  Reboot your computer, and try accessing Scripts by Design again.

5. Be sure you are in a valid and licensed Pseudo City Code for Scripts access and invoicing for your agency.

6. If you are using "My Sabre" and having a problem with scripts running correctly, you need to make sure that you only have ONE version of JAVA loaded on your computer.  If you have any other Java applications loaded on your computer, you should call Sabre hardware desk to have them help you remove the incorrect application. 

7. If an incorrect entry is typed and you get the error box telling you so, if you cancel the box and the scripts won’t let you type a new entry, you need to check the version of Java that is loaded on your computer. Sabre is normally a version or two back of the latest release. Please call Sabre hardware help desk at 1-800-368-2835 and have them step you back to the correct version. Also turn off any automatic updates for Java.

8. You must have SabreScribe program loaded on your computer. If you do Control-A or Tools/Execute SabreScripts, and you are not getting the white box showing a list of all of the scripts loaded on your computer, you can call the Sabre helpdesk, and they can walk you through loading SabreScribe. Once that is loaded, your scripts should show (!!SCRIPT.ssc), and you should be set to go!