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Diana Bird, CTC: Diana joined Scripts by Design in the summer of 2008 after retiring from Sabre, Inc. after 20 years of service. She wore many hats with Sabre and we're happy she brought her great expertise to Scripts by Design. She was the curriculum writer for

the training books on  MySabre Scribe for the last 5 years with Sabre. She was also the primary instructor the the Advanced scripts class, along with working on the Sabre software desk and was a Conversion Training Specialist for Sabre as well. She has pro-grammed for large Global accounts such as American Express, CWT, and Expedia. May of her scripts were multi-lingual and were considered by many to be leading edge - always utilizing the latest expanded features of the software.

Jackie McMahon, CTC, TCC: Jackie started in the travel industry as a travel agent in 1984. Her love for travel and the travel industry has since taken her down many paths. She worked as a travel agent from 1984-1992. She then became an owner and working manager of her own agency from 1992-2000. She also became a Trams Certified Consultant in 1995, and earned her Advanced Certification status in 2009 with Trams, Inc. (now Sabre, Inc.). In 1997 she started Scripts by Design, because through the day to day experiences of using Sabre and/or Trams and the invaluable experiences earned while doing onsite consulting, she saw the great need for Sabre scripts. During her years in business, she has worked with hundreds of agencies – large and small – from CWT, American Express, and Travel Leaders – to the mom and pop agencies just around the corner. She has written scripts in multiple languages and worked with agencies on 6 continents. Bringing her years of experience from all aspects of the travel business has made Scripts by Design a success. ​

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The experience of the programmers on the team further strengthens the commitment that we hold to create scripts for our customers that are low maintenance

and high quality with immediate gains in productivity and consistency.

You can be confident that Scripts by Design is the best choice in knowledge, unmitigated integrity and innovative programming.

Scripts by Design was founded in 1997 by Jackie McMahon, CTC, TCC. Over the past 20 years, we have grown into the successful company that we are today. We have focused our vision on doing what is best for our customers by providing excellence and quality service. We know that by providing our customers with the necessities that they need and the customer service they deserve, that our company will continue to strive and grow in this industry. We have served travel agencies from six continents and have written scripts in multiple languages. By having two very experienced and conscientious script writers who have their own goals and aspirations, we know we can continue to ensure excellence in our services and products. ​