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Custom Scripts
You Need It - We Can Make It Happen!! - Click for larger view

Sample of a script with it all!
We can read from the screen, use drop down menus, use check boxes or we have bold, italicized and colored fonts.

Sample of a Star Build/Modify Script: - Click for larger view

Examples of Trams Generic Package
Customized to your agency’s accounting style. - Click for larger view

The Cruise GK Script - just fill in the blanks - Scripts by Design does the rest!

Then add the Accounting Info - and Scripts
by Design does the Accounting Line for
you as well.

Non ARC Air script - GK segments, A/C
 lines, Southwest Script – and more!
Scripts by Design Main Menu

Example of TSA Script
($100.00 one time license fee - includes all branches) - Click for larger view

Choose to Update a Star with the correct formats, or if the Star has already been updated, then the script will read the info from the Star and Move into the active PNR.
Star had TSA info already present - prepopulates the screen which the agent can still change or add additional info. The script adds to the PNR in the correct formats for each airline.

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